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USB AC/DC Adapter & Car USB Charger(IEC60950)

AC Pin Intercharngeable AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950;60065)

AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950)

Medical use AC/DC Adapter(IEC60601)

Open Frame Switching Power Supply(IEC60950;60065)



We strive for "convenient use".

As a general manufacturer of AC contactor and switch power supply, UNIFIVE Group was established in 1989. Since then our sales network has covered Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, South Korea and Hong Kong, and we have delivered our products to worldwide customers. In the process of internationalized standardization, we have more requirements for small, light, energy-saving and highly functional products. Our Company also offers value-added services to customers and custom made products to meet customers' requirements.

A complete quality assurance system has been established for UNIFIVE product development from specification information collecting, design, development, mass production to after-sales services.

A high-precision power supply supplier to realize steady power supply.

1.Provide diverse power supply products steadily
Establish a production system to meet corresponding high-demanding product demands from raw material purchase to logistics system, and we work hard together to realize steady product supply.
2.Product development with innovative technology
Develop creative high-quality products, and make progress in cutting-edge technology of power supply such as AC adaptor, open frame switch power supply, etc.

Listen to opinions of users attentively, and realize cost effectiveness.

3.Worldwide sales network
Actively adopt international standards in quality assurance to provide more trust-worthy products to customers.

Realize fine grit match with large producers that develop worldwide businesses via its worldwide sales network.