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USB AC/DC Adapter & Car USB Charger(IEC60950)

AC Pin Intercharngeable AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950;60065)

AC/DC Adapter(IEC60950)

Medical use AC/DC Adapter(IEC60601)

Open Frame Switching Power Supply(IEC60950;60065)


Product Development

Clear quality standards and trust-worthy technology

We have established a quality assurance system from market demand collecting to design, development, mass production and after-sales services. All our employees are working on improving technology and we evaluate and improve every procedure to produce cost-effective products and guarantee ouproduct quality.

Chinese factory quality certification

  • Get ISO9001:2000 certification(Certification authority CCIC)
  • Get ISO14001:2004 certification
  • Get Japanese PSE safety specification and factory certification
  • Get USA UL and CUL safety specification
  • Get E.U. TUV safety specification and factory certification
  • Get South Korea EK-MARK safety specification and factory certification
  • Get China CCC safety specification and factory certification
  • Get Taiwan BSMIsafety specification and factory certification
  • Get SONY green cooperation partner

Working Procedures

Market Survey
Listen to opinions of operating factories and conduct market demand investigation. Carry out development seminars after doing technical research.
Carry out design, material selection, specification design, etc. to cater for product demands on market.
Pilot Production
Launch pilot production in production lines and conduct tests for mass product in next step.
Mass Production
Start mass production after problems during pilot production are solved.
Quality Inspection
Carry out quality inspection including electrical feature testing, high- and low-temperature tests, harmful substance examination, etc. according to strict standards of our Company.
After-sales services
Collect quality information after products are delivered. In case of any problems, after preliminary causes are ascertained, do the corresponding improvement work rapidly.